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            Chemical Dependency Management

        We specialize in the treatment of patients

                       with opioid dependence. 


Our Program Begins With A 3 Step Process:


1.  Call 518-792-2181 ex. 25 to set up an appointment. During this call,                          the program is explained in detail and any patient questions will be answered.


2.  After an appointment is given, an intake visit will take place. At this visit, the            patient's medical and social  history are thoroughly reviewed by our physician,          who will also answer any remaining questions . At the discretion of the physician,      a prescription for an opioid blocker may then be written, (along with strict                    instructions for it's use). The patient must follow these instructions and other            program rules to remain a participant.


3.    Follow-up visits will then occur on a pre-scheduled basis. Patients must                  attend all appointments on their scheduled date and timeThese visits will                  continue based on the individual treatment plan developed by the physican. 



value. quality care. convenience.

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